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Superior Package - How does it work?

It is easy to get a hotel website with our Superior Package. There are only 2 steps as described below.


Step 1 - Send us a form

Complete a form where you describe your hotel and select your hotel website address and hotel website design.

You can either complete the online form or print the form and send it to us via post.

Online Form

Print Form


Hotel Website Name

Choose any name for your own website address with the extension or If for example your hotel name is Fine Hotel you could choose the website address In addition you can use the package with your already existing website address. Just get your domain name provider to point to our servers. Click here for more information.


Hotel Website Designs

On the Superior Package Order Form you can choose between a number of professional hotel website designs with great colours and beautiful graphics. Click here to see the designs available.


Hotel Website Pages

Your website will consist of up to 8 pages and will be organised in such a way that your website visitors will be able to find the information they need quickly. Click here to see and browse an example website, which shows you how your website will be organised. Your website includes a Reservation and a Contact Us page that give your website visitors the possibility to send you a reservation enquiry or a message without knowledge of your e-mail address.

You do not need to include all pages from the example website on your website. You decide, which pages you want to include. For example you can choose not to include a Reservation and Contact us page.


Hotel Photos

When you send us your Hotel Website Order Form you can include 2 photos for each page on your website. For example you can include a photo of your hotel facade for your Welcome page. We accept both good quality paper-photos and digital photos.



When we have received your form we will confirm your order and instruct you on how to pay.

Step 2 - Pay for your hotel website

You pay for your website online with a credit or debit card via our secure payment processor. Your order confirmation will contain instructions on how to pay for your website.

We will set up your hotel website within 7 days of receiving your payment. We will also submit your website to the most popular search engines and directories so that you will get the maximum exposure to potential guests. When your website has been set up you will receive an order completed e-mail.



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